Is Popeyes cajun fries gluten free?

Does Popeyes have anything gluten-free?

Like KFC, Popeyes doesn’t have a ton of menu options available for gluten-free diets, and everything you can order is a side. However, their gluten-free side options are a little more robust than KFC’s. Options include their Cajun rice, red rice and beans, cole slaw, and corn on the cob.

What does Popeyes fry their fries in?

Popeyes® now sources palm oil (both directly sourced and for all branded food products with greater than 1% palm oil or palm kernel oil as an ingredient)which is RSPO Mass Balance certified or covered by RSPO certification and credits for its entire menu globally, per the brand’s Palm Oil Sourcing Policy.

Is Popeyes rice and beans gluten-free?

Popeyes: red beans and rice

Sides are basically the only gluten-free things at Popeyes, but miraculously, its best one made the cut: Red beans and rice. For variety, Cajun Rice is waiting in the wings.

Why did Popeyes discontinue Cajun fries?

In a statement, the company said the move was based on customer feedback and “looking for ways to improve our menu.” “So after thoughtful consideration, our Cajun rice and green beans are no longer on the permanent menu. However, we still have a bunch of delicious sides,” the company wrote.

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Are french fries gluten-free?

The traditional fries—which span classic-cut, crinkle-cut, smiles, and steak-cut fries—contain no gluten ingredients. The seasoned, however, all contain wheat flour as a top ingredient, and the beer batter fries also use barley.

Are Jack in the Box french fries gluten-free?

Items to Avoid at Jack In The Box

All burgers, chicken, sandwiches, and wraps contain gluten. All sides, except for fries and the side salad, contain gluten. All desserts except for the Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate Shakes contain gluten.

Are Popeyes fries vegan?

The fries themselves at Popeye’s are vegan. Like most fast food places, the fries may share a fryer with non-vegan food. So it really just depends on how you feel about cross-contamination.

What are Popeyes fries made of?

Potatoes that are low in moisture and dense will serve up the best Popeyes fries. What is this? The best potato for making Popeyes fries is the russet potato, which is also commonly known as Idaho potatoes.

Is Popeyes Chicken real meat?

Popeyes boasts bonafide real chicken that is “marinated for at least 12 hours, then hand-battered, hand-breaded, and bursting with bold Louisiana flavor.”

Are Wendy’s fries gluten free?

Besides specifying the unsquared cut, Wendy’s adds “a whisper” of coating to enhance the crispiness, Kessler said. While the fries are gluten free, they are cooked in the same hot oil as the chicken, which is battered and does contain traces of gluten.

Are Popeyes red beans gluten free?

When you decide to have one it doesn’t mean you give up on fast foods. Popeyes management has introduced some gluten-free sides.

The Gluten free Menu at Popeyes.

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Menu Price
Red Beans & Rice (Regular) $1.79
Red Beans & Rice (Large) $3.99
Cajun Rice
Cole Slaw (Regular) $1.79

Are McDonald’s fries gluten free?

French fries are NOT gluten free, they are coated in a wheat beef flavoring. French Fries Ingredients: Potatoes, Vegetable Oil (canola Oil, Corn Oil, Soybean Oil, Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Natural Beef Flavor [wheat And Milk Derivatives]*), Dextrose, Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate (maintain Color), Salt.

Does Popeyes Cajun rice have pork in it?

Do Popeyes mashed potatoes have pork? For instance, their mashed potatoes and gravy may SEEM vegetarian enough, but their sauce is made with Chicken Gizzards and Pork Tasso. Their Cajun Rice is also made with meat, and their Red Beans and Rice is mixed with pork fat.

Does Popeyes have no dirty rice?

Turns out, they did. “At Popeyes, we are always listening to feedback from our guests and looking for ways to improve our menu,” an official statement from Popeyes reads. “So after thoughtful consideration, our Cajun Rice and Green Beans are no longer on the permanent menu.

Did Popeyes remove mac and cheese?

Mac and cheese has disappeared from the menu at my local Popeyes, but you may be able to find it at other locations of this chicken chain. Just check with the restaurant first to be sure you’re not disappointed!