Is Sweet Tooth Fairy vegan?

Does Sweet Tooth Fairy have gluten free?

Cupcake flavors include chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, fairy fetti and cookie dough. All gluten free options can be combined with any of our frosting flavors.

Who owns Sweetfairy?

Megan Faulkner Brown, founder of The Sweet Tooth Fairy, embraced the foundations of baking and entrepreneurship simultaneously, and at an early age.

How much is a Sweet Tooth Fairy cake?

The Sweet Tooth Fairy Menu Prices

Item Price Change
Cake Bite $1.05 – –
Half Dozen Cake Bites $6.50 – –
Half Dozen Cake Bites (Mains) $6.50 – –
Dozen Cake Bites (Mains) $12.95 – –

How do you use the sweet tooth fairy meltables?

Description. These meltables from Sweet Tooth Fairy are perfect to jazz up homemade treats. Simply microwave them and use the tasty melts to drizzle, drip, mold or dip.

Who started Sweet Tooth Fairy?

Faulkner Brown founded the Sweet Tooth Fairy, a chain of 11 bakeries in Utah, Arizona, and Texas that sells cake bites, brownies, cookies, and cakes in addition to cupcakes.

What episode of Cupcake Wars is Sweet Tooth Fairy on?

Just ask Megan Faulkner Brown, founder of Sweet Tooth Fairy bake shops, fresh from winning the Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars.” In a recent episode called “Rock of Ages,” she and her lead baker, Hilary Cavanaugh, bested the other competing bakers to take home the $10,000 grand prize.

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Is Sweet Tooth Fairy candy melts good?

Great candy melts. Easy to use and heat. Perfect for dipping. I will be buying these melts again for sure.

Is Sweet Tooth Fairy meltables good for strawberries?

These yummy strawberries and cream Meltables from Sweet Tooth Fairy are sure to make your fresh baked treats delightful! Just pop them in the microwave according to instructions and drip, drizzle, dip and mold to make beautifully crafted homemade cookies, candies, brownies, cupcakes and more!

What chocolate is best for melting?

Chocolate melts faster the higher the percentage of cocoa butter and fat, so dark chocolate melts the fastest. Once melted, it’s glossy and has a good viscosity. Good-quality dark chocolate with no less than 70 per cent cocoa solids will leave you with a darker, richer flavour.