You asked: What is dairy free at Freddy’s?

Is freddys dairy free?

Freddy’s has all types of dairy-free toppings, dairy-free waffle cones, and reportedly even whipped topping made without milk. BUT they don’t have any dairy-free frozen custard flavors!

Does Freddy’s Fry Sauce have milk?

You might think that some of the following options would also be vegan, but unfortunately, they are not: What is this? The Onion Rings contain milk (whey). The Freddy’s Fry Sauce contains egg.

Is Freddy’s anything vegan?

Yes! Freddy’s has a Veggie Burger that can be ordered vegan with a few modifications but be aware that it does share a cooking surface with animal products. Freddy’s Veggie Burger is a black bean burger with cheese, thousand island dressing, onion, lettuce & tomato. Order with NO cheese and NO thousand island dressing.

What is Freddy’s custard made of?

Freddy’s frozen custard is a premium dessert that contains richer ingredients than ice cream. Our custard has more eggs and a minimum of 10% butter fat. It’s churned in a special machine that reduces air bubbles and ice crystals, creating a texture denser than that of traditional ice cream or soft serve.

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What kind of cheese does Freddy’s use?

Our cheese curds are premium white cheddar cheese, lightly covered with butter crumbs and fried to a gooey golden perfection. About the size of a tater tot, our cheese curds can be popped into your mouth and savored, with or without a dipping sauce.

What kind of oil does Freddy’s use?

Bip N Cathi Bohner‎Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

We use a Canola based oil to cook our fried items. Please let us know if we can further answer any questions for you! Deborah, please visit our allergens page at as our fryer oil has changed since this post.

What type of oil does Freddy’s use?

Fryer Oil Type

Soybean oil (according to corporate).

Does Freddy’s custard have corn syrup?

Our frozen custard contains corn syrup, but not HFCS. If you have any further specific questions about our menu and ingredients, feel free to contact me directly at

Do Sonic corn dogs have dairy?

The Corn Dogs at Sonic do contain milk.

Is Chick Fil A tree nut free?

Nutrition & Allergens

We prepare our foods following procedures to prevent allergen cross-contact, but products containing wheat/triticale, egg, soy, tree nuts, sesame seed, mustard, sulphites, milk, and gluten (barley, oats, rye, triticale or wheat) are all made in our kitchens.

What is Freddy’s veggie burger made of?

A Freddy’s Veggie Burger is not your average black bean burger. It’s grilled perfectly on our flat top, then topped with a melty slice of American cheese, a full slice of onion, creamy Thousand Island, crispy lettuce and a fresh tomato slice.

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Are McDonald’s fries vegan?

Unfortunately NOT Vegan at McDonald’s (in the US):

French Fries (contain “Natural Beef Flavor [Wheat and Milk Derivatives]” and are fried in beef fat)

Are Freddy’s veggie burgers gluten free?

Review. Freddy’s does not offer a gluten-free bun or a dedicated fryer. However they do offer a lettuce wrapped burger and Baked Lays potato chips as a side option. In addition the allergen information on their website also identifies the chili, custard, and several toppings do not contain gluten.

Does custard have dairy?

Custard and ice cream are basically created from the same three ingredients: milk, cream, and sugar. The major difference between the two is that custard must also contain 1.4% pasteurized egg yolk (per the Food and Drug Administration). The addition of eggs gives it a smooth and creamy texture.

Does freddys have chocolate custard?

At Freddy’s, we serve our rich & creamy vanilla and chocolate custard with 32 different toppings for Guests to choose from (that’s a total of 1,471,442,973 possible combinations!).

Does Freddy’s have milkshakes?

Shakes & Malts

If you’re looking for a cold, creamy milkshake or malt, we have those too! Served in concrete cups, we add milk (or milk & malt) to our custard, give it a whirl on the blender and… voilà! You have a thick, creamy shake or malt that can be sipped through a straw.